In December of 2022 the farm in Frankfort, IN was sold and we expected to relocate to New Mexico for better weather and a larger area. Unfortunately that did not work out for health reasons and we have been searching for the right property in the Southern part of Indiana as we also have roots there. Once we are relocated and have opened, we will be looking for volunteers (always) and homes for horses that we are able to rehabilitate.

The Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. was established in December of 2000 by Suzanne deVaucenne, after she rescued two neglected and extremely ill French Poodle puppies from an Indianapolis pet store.  Suzanne, a lifelong animal lover, humane educator and animal welfare advocate decided to become a louder voice on behalf of all animals.

In addition to providing a safe haven for homeless animals in need of rescue, the Animal Protection Coalition focuses on adoption, rehabilitation, and education.  Supporting hopes of improving animal welfare in Indiana, we also have a history of working to help prosecutors, humane societies, animal shelters, and animal control officers with the enforcement of current Indiana animal welfare laws.

Our past President, Anthony R. Caldwell had an extensive background in law enforcement, science, health and research.  He was elected President of Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. in 2003.  He was one of the original founders of the Indiana Horse Rescue in 1998.  IHR, an equine rescue organization dedicated to preventing unnecessary slaughter and abuse of horses, joined forces with Animal Protection Coalition,  Inc. in 2002.

APC has experienced substantial growth as well as much decline as an advocate for animal welfare in the State of Indiana.  We continue to strive to help animals in need an hope that you would support us in our endeavors.